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Saloon City: Fort Worth Magazine Reviews 36 of Cowtown’s Best Bars

Published in FW Magazine

Written by: Brian Kendall, Malcom Mayhew, John Henry

Best Bar to Have a Medical Emergency in the Morning (a nurse sipping on a glass of wine just got off her all-night shift)

The Rabbit Hole

Emerging from the venerable VIP Lounge on White Settlement Road is the Rabbit Hole Pub, a completely remade sports bar and patio with plenty of flat-screen TVs and an eclectic décor, including Alice in Wonderland-themed murals by Murals by Svetlana. The Chef Taco food truck enjoys a permanent place serving up prized Tex-Mex nourishment for the thirsty, err, hungry. Music bingo is conducted at 7 p.m. each Wednesday, and the bar hosts a vendor fair once a month, attracting upwards of 40 vendors. Do you work the graveyard shift? No problem. Happy hour starts at 7 a.m. for you.

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